World Host Group Acquires Doteasy, Strengthening Global Web Hosting Services!
Written on October 31, 2023 by Panos Kesisis

World Host Group Acquires Doteasy, Strengthening Global Web Hosting Services!

[Vancouver, 01/11/2023] - World Host Group, a leading global web hosting and domain services provider, officially announces its strategic acquisition of Doteasy, a renowned Canadian web hosting company celebrated for its exceptional customer service and knowledgeable team. This acquisition represents a significant advancement in World Host Group's mission to offer unparalleled web hosting solutions worldwide.

Founded in 2000, Doteasy has carved a niche in the domain names and web hosting industry, particularly in Canada and North America, by prioritizing customer-first support. The company boasts a legacy of over two decades, during which it has fostered a loyal clientele that relies on its superior hosting services and personal support.

Doteasy's commitment to customer satisfaction is underscored by its knowledgeable and experienced North American in-house support staff, who have developed a deep understanding of client needs through years of dedicated service. This expertise has been instrumental in Doteasy's success, with over 50,000 websites hosted.

The acquisition by World Host Group is a testament to Doteasy’s stellar reputation in the industry. It not only solidifies World Host Group’s position as a leader in Canadian hosting but also amplifies its dedication to delivering premium global services. World Host Group is committed to maintaining Doteasy's Vancouver location in British Columbia, along with its experienced team.

A spokesperson from Doteasy emphasized, “Our dedication to our clients has always been the cornerstone of Doteasy. Joining forces with World Host Group is a strategic move that we believe will bring long-term benefits to our customers. Their strong team, resources, and customer-centric approach align with our core values, ensuring that our commitment to first-class service not only continues but is enhanced. This transition represents an exciting evolution for Doteasy, promising to deliver even greater value and innovative solutions to our loyal clients.”

Furthermore, World Host Group is excited to continue offering the platform, a robust website builder software, already employed by thousands of Doteasy's customers. This partnership not only ensures continuity but also opens up the potential for's expansion across other World Host Group brands.

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About World Host Group:

World Host Group, established in 2019, is a leading global provider of web hosting and domain services. The company is dedicated to delivering scalable and reliable hosting solutions worldwide. Operating multiple brands tailored to specific niches and geographies, World Host Group continually strives to innovate and elevate its services.

About Doteasy:

Doteasy, founded in 2000, is a Canadian web hosting company renowned for its affordable, customer-centric domain and web hosting solutions. Over the years, Doteasy has broadened its portfolio, offering a diverse range of hosting, domain, and security products, maximizing value and satisfaction for its customers.